1. Transform the way you work forever in just 3 months


2. Optimize your performance, and that of your team, by working better, not harder


3. Gain peace of mind and increase your sense of control over your business and your responsibilities


4. Minimize your stress levels and strike the ultimate balance between your professional and personal life.

A unique method focused on 4 critical areas

Aimed at helping leaders like you transform the way you work in 90 days to increase control, reduce stress and improve results.

What sets executives who achieve the ultimate balance apart from those who don’t is that they don’t just use gimmicks or a one-off fix, they inbuild habits that actually transform the way they work.


Know the FASE Method



Systematic Approach


Over 300 leaders from highly demanding companies have achieved the ultimate balance with the FASE® Method.

“The revolutionary FASE Method has been a tremendous help during lockdown. It provides a coherent method, centering on focus and energy and making these critical areas a priority.”

Belén Moreu

Human Resources Senior Director
South West Europe

“In professional life you can float, with no idea where you will end up; or you can sail, increasing the probability of getting to where you want to be professionally. The FASE Method is like the PER. It helps you sail without getting shipwrecked. .”

Enrique Verdasco

Sales Director
SIEMENS Mobility

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Personal productivity and managerial effectiveness are much more than executive attributes; they are a way of life.

I have proven this after 15 years as a manager and 8 years training and helping others to improve their skills. I experienced this first-hand when, in 2013, I had to be extremely effective in order to successfully lead a process of personal and professional reinvention. I subsequently transformed my experience into a model to help others understand and take it on board to transform their lives. Together we have turned it into a dynamic and continuous process of adaptation and improvement.

  • Author of the best-selling personal productivity book in Spanish.
  • Creator of the FASE Method, tried and tested with hundreds of business leaders.