FASE Method®: Leadership Management Course

We have worked hand in hand with company leaders for over five years to ensure that the Fase Method® reflects their reality and adapts to the most demanding environments.

Over this period of time, we have found that:

What sets executives who achieve the ultimate balance apart from those who don’t is that they don’t just use gimmicks or a one-off fix, they inbuild habits that actually transform the way they work. Forever.

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FASE method ®

A unique method focused on 4 critical areas: focus, attention, a systematic approach, and energy, helping executive leaders like you to achieve a balanced life.


We don’t lack time. We simply have too many distractions.

We create a plan to eliminate time thieving and bad habits combined with a continuous delegation plan that frees up over 20% more time.


Mindfulness + Frequency = Outstanding Performance

We create routines with you so you can regain your ability to concentrate fully at work and achieve high levels of mindfulness.

Systematic Approach

Knowledge is forgotten, habits last

Build the 6 habits of the effective leader to ensure lasting transformation.


We don’t manage time, we manage energy

Together we put together your physical, emotional and cognitive energy improvement plan as a must to improve your productivity.

Over 300 leaders from highly demanding companies have achieved the ultimate balance with the FASE® Method.

“The keys to boosting efficiency and productivity with the FASE method are to prioritize. This means you can spend time on what is really important, sharing objectives and communicating clearly. All this makes you more efficient, frees up your time and therefore reduces stress levels”

Ana Fernández Larragueta

CEO Spain

Laboratorios THEA

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What makes the FASE® METHOD unique?

Proven results


leaders of top companies in Spain

Long lasting results


key habits for life

Adapted to reality

5 years

Hand in hand with leaders from highly demanding companies

Holistic approach


more impact on professional and personal results