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High Performance / Energy / A Fulfilling Life

Over 300 leaders from highly demanding companies have achieved the ultimate balance with the FASE® Method.

“The revolutionary FASE Method has been a tremendous help during lockdown. It provides a coherent method, centering on focus and energy and making these critical areas a priority.”

Belén Moreu

Human Resources Senior Director
South West Europe

“In professional life you can float, with no idea where you will end up; or you can sail, increasing the probability of getting to where you want to be professionally. The FASE Method is like the PER. It helps you sail without getting shipwrecked. ”

Enrique Verdasco

Sales Director
SIEMENS Mobility

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Personal productivity and managerial effectiveness are much more than executive attributes; they are a way of life.

I have proven this after 15 years as a manager and 8 years training and helping others to improve their skills. I experienced this first-hand when, in 2013, I had to be extremely effective in order to successfully lead a process of personal and professional reinvention. I subsequently transformed my experience into a model to help others understand and take it on board to transform their lives. Together we have turned it into a dynamic and continuous process of adaptation and improvement.

  • Author of the best-selling personal productivity book in Spanish.
  • Creator of the FASE Method, tried and tested with hundreds of business leaders.