A consultant who advises top executives and Michelin-starred chefs described 4 qualities you need to be more productive | Bussines Insider se hace eco del Método Fase.

Article originally from Bussines Insider by Nathan Rennolds, 11/28/2022

Agustín Peralt, who has an MBA from Esade Business School in Spain and a doctorate in business administration and management from Valencia Polytechnic University, is a consultant who works with clients to boost their productivity at work.

Through his firm, Peralt has advised executives at companies such as Siemens, CaixaBank, Henkel, Mediaset, and PepsiCo, as well as top chefs including the Michelin-starred Quique Dacosta.

He developed the so-called the FASE method — focus, attention, systematization, and energy — for boosting productivity.

In his 2017 book, “Lidérate: El método definitivo para ser más productivo,” Peralt wrote that four key qualities are essential to boosting productivity.

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